A message to our customers

You can be sure that every product you purchase from NORDIC is an innovative, environmentally sensitive, sustainable premium product that adds value to your life and environment. All of our products are sourced from manufacturers that are acknowledged globally for their unique design, superior quality, innovation, and environmental awareness.

A message to our Scandinavian partners

We are headquartered in Istanbul a city of two continents bisected by the Bosphorus straits. Although the shipping vessels from all over the world passing through this waterway have experienced crews, they still seek specialist local pilots to guide the ships. The pilots know the local currents, peculiarities and conditions of navigation as they pass through this appealing yet complex waterway still. Once they reach port, the vessels employ local agencies to handle all their local needs.

At NORDIC we wish to operate as pilots and agencies for Scandinavian businesses who wish to enter Turkish market or expand their operations in Turkey. We are a reliable port that you can trust as integrity and transparency are part of our indispensable corporate values.

If you are a company established in a Scandinavian country and wish to find out more about how we can work together, we would be delighted to meet you. If your company and products support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and FAIRTRADE, we would definitely like to meet you.

A message to our Turkish partners

As we have been cooperating with Scandinavian companies for nearly 20 years, we are familiar with the business cultures, purchasing habits and practices of Scandinavian companies and consumers. If you are a manufacturer who wishes to export its products to Scandinavia, we are here to support you.