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“I started my Professional career working as a Marine Engineer on commercial vessels which was a great experience for me as I visited many countries and was introduced many and varied cultures. I started working on shore in 2003, and immediately began my relationship of working with Scandinavian companies including 13 years at one of the Denmark’s most renowned companies, holding senior positions.
Through my work with Scandinavian companies I have gained a deep respect for their positive approach to employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Further, my own professional development has benefitted from learning about their innovative business strategies and environmentally friendly supply chains.
I have been in the fortunate position to be working with Scandinavian companies trading in Turkey. Turkey is an attractive market for global companies as it has a large and young population that is growing in awareness of design, quality, and becoming increasingly environmentally sensitive. It also has physical facilities and a talented, educated and enthusiastic young population that creates an advantageous production and sourcing base for foreign companies.
I believe that trade and cooperation between Scandinavian and Turkish companies has great mutual potential which we aim to release through NORDIC.”

Yasin KasaCo-Founder and CEO
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“As a result of agricultural activities that increase in parallel with industrial activities and population growth, the need for clean, healthy environmentally friendly products that will meet our basic needs continues to increase in our country as in the world.
With increasing needs, it is essential to have access to healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. For this reason, NORDIC aims to introduce environmentally friendly superior technologies, designed to use scarce resources with maximum efficiency to people and business in Turkey and Scandinavia.”

Oğuz Ahmet YılmazCo-Founder
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