Nordic promotes and supports the expansion of strong bilateral trade between Turkey and Scandinavian countries. Our services reflect this mutual focus, providing two-way support to our partners.

For our Scandinavian partners, we provide agency, premium reseller, and distributorship services for companies wishing to enter or expand their operations in the Turkish market as well as those of Turkic, Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern countries.

Our company name reflects our desire to bring the global reputation of Scandinavian innovation, environmental friendliness and sustainability that add value to humanity and the wider environment to these markets.

For Turkish companies wishing to enter the Scandinavian market we provide export consultancy, agency, premium reseller and distributorship services.

Disruptions in the global supply chain, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, have pushed countries and companies to find alternative solutions to safeguard their supply chains. Turkey has the physical facilities and a talented, educated, and enthusiastic young population that creates an advantageous production and sourcing base for foreign companies. We believe that trade and cooperation between Scandinavian and Turkish companies has great mutual potential which we aim to release through NORDIC.

We have also chosen to prioritize Scandinavian markets as Yasin Kasa, a co-founder of NORDIC, has worked with several Scandinavian companies, especially those in Denmark since 2003. His aim is to use his insights into both cultures as a bridge for reliable trade between Turkey and Scandinavia. As Gert Hofstede noted, “Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster”. For companies’ cultural differences often result in misunderstandings, incompatibility, and at worst commercial failures. As NORDIC management, we believe that our cultural understanding of both Scandinavia and Turkey makes us uniquely situated to promote cooperation in harmony leading to success.