Kadir Sağır


Turkey, with its attractive production costs, high quality products and great history of production experience is a favoured production centre for many foreign textile companies. However, many more textile companies and manufacturers miss out on these benefits as they are deterred by cultural differences, language barriers and quality control issues. In such circumstances Nordic provides a consultancy service to bring aid and value to all stakeholders.

As Nordic, our aim is to bring together foreign companies that wish to produce high quality, sustainable and even organic products with domestic Turkish producers. Kadir Sağır, a Sales and Marketing Specialist at Nordic, spent 24 years in the textile industry. He now utilises his in-depth knowledge of the industry from dying, garment production and planning to bring value to Nordic’s clients.

For Companies

For companies wishing to produce in Turkey, our team, under the guidance of Kadir Sağır, strives to identify the most suitable domestic manufacturer to fit your business profile and meet your production needs. We endeavour to guarantee the best price, the correct quality and timely delivery from the right manufacturer. Nordic follows all processes to ensure that all your specified conditions are complied with. If all invoicing processing is completed with Nordic, we are able to provide a Nordic 100% warranty for all the processes.

For Manufacturers

For manufacturers, Nordic breaks down language and cultural barriers to enable you to export regularly and also provide opportunities to work with other leading companies working in the textile sector.

Nordic’s mission is to prioritise companies that produce and trade innovative, environmentally sensitive and sustainable products that add value to humanity and the wider environment. Our values-based management philosophy defines our core values of integrity, environmental awareness and sustainability which we place ahead of all other business concerns.

If you would like more information on the services Nordic can provide for you, we would love to hear from you.